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Pampers Deal at Rite Aid week of 3/6-10

This week at Rite Aid, Pampers jumbo pk diapers and easy-ups are 9.99 ea. There is a deal if you buy $30 select P&G brandsavers, you will earn $10 +upR. And today ONLY, you can earn a $5 +upR for spending $25 in Pampers products (ends 3/6/12).  Below is the scenario I did today.

  • 2 Pampers swaddlers  19.98
  • 1 Pampers easy ups     9.99
  • used $2 off easy ups manufacturer coupon
  • used $2 off Pampers manufacturer coupon
  • used $1.50 Pampers swaddlers coupon

After coupons I paid about $25 before tax, and earned a $10 +upR from this week’s ad and $5 +upR (expires TODAY!!!).

So I basically bought 3 jumbo pks of Pampers for $10! Hope this helps someone save some $$$!


Rite Aid deal on toothbrushes

2 Oral B Advantage toothbrushes   2.57 ea     $5.14

1 Colgate 360 toothbrush  $2.99

Used 2 $2 Oral B advantage coupons  $4.00

Used 1 Colgate 360 coupns $1.00

Used +upReward from a previous trip $2.99

Total OOP (w/o tax)  $0.14     earned $7.14 +upReward

Saved about $12 today!

Rite Aid Deals for Mom!

Went to Rite Aid today and scored a great deal for my mom! The deal is below:

Transaction #1

2 Crest Pro Health toothpastes                                      $6.00 (estimated)

2 Crest Pro Health coupons (5/1 inserts)                 $3.00

Total OOP  (out of pocket)                                                $3.00   + earned $4 +upRewards ($2 ea from each of the items)

Transaction #2

2 Oral B toothbrushes                                                         $6.00 (estimated)

2 Oral B toothbrushes coupons (5/1 inserts)            $3.00

1 +UpReward earned from toothpaste above          $2.00

Total OOP  (out of pocket)                                                $1.00   + earned $4 +upRewards ($2 ea from each of the items)

Total OOP a little over $4.00  and a total of +UpRewards still remaining    $6.00   (actually made about $0.50 per item)

Let’s just say my mom was overly excited about the savings she got today!! Tomorrow is another day for more exciting deals.

Note: Covergirl products are 40% off at RiteAid at least until 5/7.

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