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About $2 for a 70pk box of Pampers at CVS!!!

Okay so today I went to CVS in need of some diapers. Right now CVS has a promotion going on where you spend $30 on certain items that are marked and you can get a $10 gift card,  up to 5 gift cards a week! So I decided to take advantage of the deal and picked up the items that I wanted and spent a total of $30 (less than $30 using coupons), and I was able to get a $10 CVS gift card! So I completed a second transaction for the Pampers.

Transaction #2:

1 box of Pampers 19.99

Pampers coupon   2.00

Extrabucks               3.00 (earned this from the JIF or Smuckers deal — check the ad for more info — offer ends 11/12/11)

CVS gift card          10.00 (earned from spending $30 on specially marked items — check the ad and store for specific items)

Total OOP w/ tax 6.19  AND I earned $4 in Extrabucks (So its like I only paid $2.19 for a box of Pampers that regularly cost $21.99 at CVS)


CVS deals on Oral B brushes and Always


  • 2 Oral B Advantage toothbrushes $3.00 ea – $6.00
  • 1 Always Infinity pads  $3.99
  • 2- $2 Oral B Advantage coupons  $4.00
  • 1 Always infinity coupon $1.00
  • ECBs earned from prev wk  $4.00
Total OOP  $0.99 earned $4.00

How to shop at CVS

Here are the basics of learning how to save at CVS.

Step 1: Go to your local CVS or go to and order a Extracare card. If you get your card from the store you can use it automatically.

Step 2: Go to to register your Extracare card for even more savings! They will usually email you a $4 off $20 purchase coupon for signing up online. Also they send those type of emails periodically, so make sure CVS emails are not going to your junk mail!

Step 3: Plan out your first trip to CVS. Start small so that you will not overwhelm yourself. Be sure to check out my scenarios for tips. Also, send me an email and I will be glad to help you plan.

What are Extrabucks (also known as ECB or Extracare bucks)?
Extrabucks print at the bottom of your receipt, and you can use them like cash only in CVS. Some exclusions apply: you can’t use them to buy stamps, alcohol, and prescriptions. See the fine print on the ECBs for full details.

There are certain items that earn you Extra Bucks. There are monthly Extra Bucks based on the amount you spend every 3 months, and there are weekly ones. Be sure to pick up the monthly ad at your store, and you can get the weekly one in the store, mail, the newspaper, or you can always see it each week on the CVS website.

Note: Be sure to scan your Extracare card at the coupon center each time you go to CVS. I have actually scanned it twice and got different coupons.

Please refer to for more information on their Extracare policy!

CVS also has a Green Bag tag that you can purchase for $1, and place on your reusable bag. Be sure to have the cashier scan it each day you shop at CVS. For every 4th visit to CVS, you will receive on your receipt a $1 ECB. The green bag tag can only be scanned once daily.

Happy shopping and saving at CVS or!!

My CVS Deal on Huggies Pullups

Only paid $3.24 for 2  pks of Huggies Pullups.  Here’s how:


2 Huggies Pullups (on sale) 2 for $18.00

Used 1 CVS Huggies coupon          $2.00

Used 2 $1.50 Huggies cpns            $3.00

Used ECB earned from last wk       $10.00

Total OOP (w/o tax)                      $3.00     earned $4.00 ECB

Saved about $23 today!

$20 to spend at CVS

So here’s a detailed version of my successful CVS trip for my mom:

Transaction #1

2 Colgate Max toothpastes                                     $5.54

2 – $0.75 off 1 coupons                                            $1.50

Total OOP  (out of pocket)                                       $4.48 (with tax)   + earned $5.54 ECB ($2.77 ea from each of the items)

So she basically made $1.50 (the amount of the coupons) off this purchase because the ECB made the items FREE!! Now that’s cool!

Transaction #2

1 Bounty 8pk                                                                   $7.99

1 coupon from P&G brandsaver booklet             $1.00

ECB earned from transaction #1                             $5.54

Total OOP  (out of pocket)                                          $2.09 (with tax)   + earned $2 ECB

Transaction #3

1 Charmin 12pk                                                              $4.99

1 coupon from P&G brandsaver booklet             $1.00

ECB earned from transaction #2                             $2.00

Total OOP  (out of pocket)                                          $2.39 (with tax)   + earned $1 ECB

Transaction #4

2 Dawn Plus                                                                    $1.98

2 coupons from P&G inserts 5/1/11                     $1.00  (2 – $0.50 coupons)

ECB earned from transaction #1                             $0.98 (it was $1.00 but since the transaction subtotal was only $0.98 in order to use                                                                                                                   the ECB I had to forfeit $0.02 but it was still worth it!!)

Total OOP  (out of pocket)                                          $0.16 ( I guess they still had to tax though my subtotal was $0.00)

Total OOP $9.12

All of that for less than $10!!! I hope that this helps you be able to save money on needed items. If you need to replicate the deal, go ahead…but know you have until Saturday for these savings. If you don’t have the same coupons, there were coupons that were for a little less in the Sunday’s paper. Happy saving!

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