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Rite Aid deal on toothbrushes

2 Oral B Advantage toothbrushes   2.57 ea     $5.14

1 Colgate 360 toothbrush  $2.99

Used 2 $2 Oral B advantage coupons  $4.00

Used 1 Colgate 360 coupns $1.00

Used +upReward from a previous trip $2.99

Total OOP (w/o tax)  $0.14     earned $7.14 +upReward

Saved about $12 today!


Promises of God

This is the beginning of a series of posts that I will write weekly or more often.

If you have been reading my posts this week, you should have seen that I was totally blessed by the sermon Pastor Joel Osteen shared on TBN regarding the Promises of God.  So I decided to start going through the Bible to find the promises that God has given His children throughout His Word.  So at least each week, could be more often than that, I will post several promises of God to us so that we can speak daily over our lives until they come to pass.  Personally, I will continue to speak these promises even after they come to pass (when its relevant to my situation …. ie children). I wanted to post them so that you all can be aware of the promises and remind God for yourselves. LET’S ALL BE BLESSED!!!`

I am going to write out how I am going to speak it (you can read it aloud too if you like) and then I will put what Scripture I got it from for your reference. Please look up the Scripture for yourself so that you can see where it is in the Bible. I don’t want you to just take my word for it, but refer to the Scripture I write in the Bible so that you will know the Word for yourself.

Present your case to God and remind him of what He says.  For example, “Lord you said I am blessed in the city and blessed in the country, and I stand on your promise and your Word…I remind you of what your Word says.”

The Promises of God

  1. Lord, your word says that you are our light and our salvation so we shall not fear.  You are the stronghold of our lives so we have no one to be afraid of. Psalm 27:1
  2. Lord, your word says when the wicked advance against us to devour us, it is our enemies and our foes who will stumble and fall. Psalm 27:2
  3. Lord, your word says though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then I will be confident. Psalm 27:3
  4. Lord, in your word you tell us that we should not fear because you are with us, we should not be dismayed because You are our God, and You will strengthen us, help us, and will uphold us with Your righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10
  5. Lord, in your word you tell us to bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in Your house. To test You, oh Lord, in this and see if You will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it. And so because we tithe (give 10% to our the church  we attend) we know that you will bless us with abundance! Malachi 3:10
I am sharing just 5 of the many promises God has given us and I hope this helps you as it will me!! I plan to speak these ALOUD everyday….reminding God of what He has promised.
Blessings to you and your family!

My CVS Deal on Huggies Pullups

Only paid $3.24 for 2  pks of Huggies Pullups.  Here’s how:


2 Huggies Pullups (on sale) 2 for $18.00

Used 1 CVS Huggies coupon          $2.00

Used 2 $1.50 Huggies cpns            $3.00

Used ECB earned from last wk       $10.00

Total OOP (w/o tax)                      $3.00     earned $4.00 ECB

Saved about $23 today!

Awesome Pampers deal all because of e-Vic at Harris Teeter today!!

Okay so I checked my email for the weekly deals that Harris Teeter sends every Tuesday night and at the very top of my email was a deal for Pampers or Luvs jumbo pk (diapers or easy ups) for 5.99 ea limit 2.  They are normally 11.99 ea at Harris Teeter so I was like WOW. Then I remembered I had an eVic coupon for Pampers Cruisers. So heres the deal that I got today:

1 Pampers Baby Dry jumbo pk          5.99

1 Pampers Cruisers jumbo pk            5.99


Used 2 – 1.50 Pampers coupons       3.00

eVic Pampers coupon                          1.50

Fresh Foods Reward                             5.00     <— I earned this from HT’s fresh foods rewards progrm. For every $1 spent in deli/bakery with the exception of subs, you get 1 pt.  When you reach 40 points, you earn $5 electronically to be automatically used on your next purchase of $5 or more! I didn’t even realize exxactly what the reward was until I researched it before my HT trip today and I didn’t even realize that I was actually going to earn it today! An added BONUS!!

Total OOP (out of pocket)                 3.44 (includes tax)

I only paid $3.44 for 2 jumbo pk of Pampers —> status: THANKFUL!!

Harris Teeter Super Doubles deal 6/22

I spent $21 and saved a total of $78.50. The following are the items, original/sale price, and price after coupon:

2 – 1 pt blueberries 1.67 ea
1 strawberries 1.99 ea
3 – Philadelphia cooking cream 2.00 ea / after coupon FREE
1 Almond Breeze milk 2.50 ea / had a 0.55 coupon and didnt realize that he didnt scan my coupon until I left
2 – Breakstones jalapeno sour cream 1.99 / ac FREE
6 Wheat thins 3.89 BOGO / ac 1.89 for 2
Sorrento string cheddar cheese 3.50 ea / ac 1.50
2 – Biltmore salad dressings 3.99 BOGO / 1.00 for 2
6 Frosted Mini Wheats 3.99 BOGO / 1.99 for 2 / 5.97 for all 6!!!!
3 Grande tortilla chips 2.00 / ac FREE
Boiled peanuts 1.39 ea
HT eggs 0.77 EVIC price!!

$20 to spend at CVS

So here’s a detailed version of my successful CVS trip for my mom:

Transaction #1

2 Colgate Max toothpastes                                     $5.54

2 – $0.75 off 1 coupons                                            $1.50

Total OOP  (out of pocket)                                       $4.48 (with tax)   + earned $5.54 ECB ($2.77 ea from each of the items)

So she basically made $1.50 (the amount of the coupons) off this purchase because the ECB made the items FREE!! Now that’s cool!

Transaction #2

1 Bounty 8pk                                                                   $7.99

1 coupon from P&G brandsaver booklet             $1.00

ECB earned from transaction #1                             $5.54

Total OOP  (out of pocket)                                          $2.09 (with tax)   + earned $2 ECB

Transaction #3

1 Charmin 12pk                                                              $4.99

1 coupon from P&G brandsaver booklet             $1.00

ECB earned from transaction #2                             $2.00

Total OOP  (out of pocket)                                          $2.39 (with tax)   + earned $1 ECB

Transaction #4

2 Dawn Plus                                                                    $1.98

2 coupons from P&G inserts 5/1/11                     $1.00  (2 – $0.50 coupons)

ECB earned from transaction #1                             $0.98 (it was $1.00 but since the transaction subtotal was only $0.98 in order to use                                                                                                                   the ECB I had to forfeit $0.02 but it was still worth it!!)

Total OOP  (out of pocket)                                          $0.16 ( I guess they still had to tax though my subtotal was $0.00)

Total OOP $9.12

All of that for less than $10!!! I hope that this helps you be able to save money on needed items. If you need to replicate the deal, go ahead…but know you have until Saturday for these savings. If you don’t have the same coupons, there were coupons that were for a little less in the Sunday’s paper. Happy saving!

Rite Aid Deals for Mom!

Went to Rite Aid today and scored a great deal for my mom! The deal is below:

Transaction #1

2 Crest Pro Health toothpastes                                      $6.00 (estimated)

2 Crest Pro Health coupons (5/1 inserts)                 $3.00

Total OOP  (out of pocket)                                                $3.00   + earned $4 +upRewards ($2 ea from each of the items)

Transaction #2

2 Oral B toothbrushes                                                         $6.00 (estimated)

2 Oral B toothbrushes coupons (5/1 inserts)            $3.00

1 +UpReward earned from toothpaste above          $2.00

Total OOP  (out of pocket)                                                $1.00   + earned $4 +upRewards ($2 ea from each of the items)

Total OOP a little over $4.00  and a total of +UpRewards still remaining    $6.00   (actually made about $0.50 per item)

Let’s just say my mom was overly excited about the savings she got today!! Tomorrow is another day for more exciting deals.

Note: Covergirl products are 40% off at RiteAid at least until 5/7.

Harris Teeter 5-1-11 (more deals)

Unfortunately I do not have a picture to show this time because it was definitely a great day in shopping at Harris Teeter.  I was watching the screen at the register as it went up to over $40.00. I then thought to myself…i hope my coupons work. Not that I didn’t have the $40, but I was not trying to spend over $10 today!! I paid only $5.26 and saved a total of $47.65. Below is a detailed description since I do not have an illustration:


Original Price

Sale Price

Price after coupon

6pk Propel water




6 – 24oz propel water

1.39 ea

1.25 ea






2 boxes of Success Rice

2.59 ea

2 ea

2 boxes for $2

2 Ortega Fajita seasonings

.99 ea

0.80 ea

.60 for both

2 Ortega Taco seasonings


.80 ea

.60 for both

3 Crest ProHealth toothpastes

4.35 ea

2.50 ea


3 Oral B Advantage toothbrushes

3.35 ea

2.50 ea


Tostitos Chips




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